Granny Gadget

Granny Gadget is a Bluetooth controlled robot operated from the Google Nexus. The Nexus is an Android OS system. Our members created the Android application and controls it by a touchpad.

It started as an old mobility scooter, but the seat, handles and original batteries were removed. The members put a small programmable microcontroller, called an Arduino, with Bluetooth capabilities. A microcontroller is like a small computer but it can control motors, lights and buttons. The Bluetooth means it can talk to the tablet and vice versa. The Granny Gadget was fitted with a linear actuator to ardrover-rcmove the wheels. The microcontroller is not alone powerful enough to use the motor or the actuator, so a more powerful motor controller is required. The one our members are using is called the Sabertooth. To create the app for the tablet the members used software called AppInventor, by MIT. This allowed them to quickly and easily create an application that can communicate with the Arduino, and control the Granny Gadget.

The Granny Gadget is constantly being updated with new functions such as headlamps, a bull-bar and indicator lights.