Stephen Fearn


It started back in 2000 where a group of Physicists decided to make a robot for the BBC show Robot Wars; and so Infinity was born! We competed in the 6th series but lost in the 1st round. But during the Extreme2 (University Challenges) we managed to get as far as the final but lost against Tiberius3. But hey! We came runner up!

After a few years people lost interest in Robot Wars and so the BBC cancelled the shows as it didn’t have enough viewers. Infinity showed up occasionally for some Robot Wars related events such as Roaming Robots, Robots Live etc. We are very good friends with RAZER  and have done many events together including the Robot Wars at Aberystwyth Arts Center back in 2003.

To date I build interactive robots as they can be put in any situation rather than the fighting robots. Back in 2009 we decided to build K-9 and the reaction we had from him at different conventions was amazing. During one of the conventions called “Invasion of the Daleks” at the Fleet Air Arm in Yeovil, where at least 20 daleks attend. We decided to create Dalek Doris which was finally completed in July 2012 and has attended numerous events and even taken part in a Panto!!

June 2014 saw the official launch of the latest member of the family in the form of  that iconic droid from the Star Wars films R2D2. Two years in construction and countless hours of fabrication, the new droid was released.Steve with the latest creation

Steve has expertise in electronic and engineering fabrication, is enhanced DBS/CRB holder, and is level 1 and 2 Safeguarding child protection.

The University:

BSc, MPhil (Wales)

Responsible for the development of the laser heated levitator facilities of Aberystwyth and subsequent use of Daresbury and Diamond Synchrotron radiation facilities.


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