Projects 2014

Show and Tell 2014

Footage by Neil Taylor.

Beachlab 2014

Doris and Derek the Dalek entertain the crowd at BeachLab 2014!

Copyright Keith Morris Photography


Christmas competition.

The competition will be divided into a series of challenges, each robot will take part in each challenge. Points will be awarded for each successful challenge completed. Some challenges will suit larger robots, others will suit smaller robots,  battery power will be identical for all of the robots.

EGG AND SPOON RACE Objective is to pick up a ping pong ball and transport it over a given distance, points will be given for a successful pickup and transportation, points will be deducted if the ball needs to be handled and placed into the scoop.

(10 points to start, 5 points deducted if handled, 10 points for a win, 9 for second place, etc….)



Set obstacles will be placed on the course, time penalties will be deducted for every obstacle hit,  points awarded for the fastest time.

(50 points to start, 10 points deducted if an obstacle is hit!, 10 points for a win, 9 for second etc…)



Teams of two robots, carry the baton over the length of the course, and then transfer it to your team partner, points will be deducted for handling, points will be awarded for fastest time.

(10 points to start, 50 points if you transfer the baton to the other team successfully, 20 points deducted every time you handle the baton, 10 points for first team, 9 for second,etc….)



After all the competition, and if you have any battery power left, the final challenge will be the race around the lecture theatre, this will include driving up an incline, can your robot cope with this final challenge.

(10 points to start, 20 points if you make half way, 50 points if you reach the top, the robot can be handled to go around the corners, 50 points for complete decent of the ramps.

Points awarded for…

Originality and design, speed, dexterity and good sportsmanship.


Points deducted…

Objects that need to be transported are handled at any stage, including the robot during the heat.

Deliberately crashing or fighting other robots.

What your robot needs.

Your robot must have, name, claw/scoop for first competition, lance to carry the baton for the relay race,

Camera view platform to carry radio camera to be able the robot action to be viewed on the big screen.