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Aberystwyth Robotics Club


Joining Us

During the Freshers Fair at the Arts Centre we will be putting a small selection of our robots on display for all to have a look at.

Click on the button below to sign up for the emailing list. We will be emailing to all students interested in joining the robotics club on Monday 9th October 2017.

Presentations and Talks

Computer Sciece Induction Talk

In case you weren't able to make it to the induction talk for Computer Science, please click the button below to see the slides.

BCS Mid-Wales Presentation

In case you weren't able to make it to the BCS - Mid Wales Branch talk, click the button below to see our presentation.

Students Joining the Robotics Club

Student Society

For students interested in joining in the students society, please visit our dedicated web page www.students.aberrobotics.club which will give you more information about what we do, where and when do we meet and how to apply.

Outreach Club Helpers

We also need helpers for the robotics club for school children. If you are interested in helping out and gaining experience with working with children and tech; email steve@aberrobotics.club


Tomos Fearn

Computer Science


Tomos Fearn

Phoebe Holcombe



Phoebe Holcombe

Charllotte Carter



Charllotte Carter

Students Page

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