Aberystwyth Robotics Club

UK Robotics Week

Aberystwyth University Computer Science department and Aberystwyth
Robotics Club are celebrating UK Robotics Week,with a range of events
and activities for all ages throughout the week.

For more information about Aberystwyth University’s participation in Robotics Week, please click the button below!

Beach Lab

30th June 2018

Aberystwyth Robotics Club in conjunction with Aberystwyth University,
organise this special annual event, where all robots are gathered on
the Aberyswtyth sea-front for a day of exhibiting robotics projects and
research in the sun! Click below for more information about Beach Lab!

About Us

The Aberystwyth Robotic Club, supported by the Infinity Exhibition is an after school club hosted by Aberystwyth University.

Usual club times 3.30 to 5.30 every Wednesday in Part1 lab (lab 1.00), Physical sciences building.

At the moment there are no available places. If you are interested in joining, email Steve at sdf@aber.ac.uk

Also join our Facebook Group.

or follow us on twitter @aberrobotclub